Elevation provides independent roof quality assurance observation, roof lifecycle analysis and pre-specification roof inspection services.

Elevation Roof Observation provides honest, impartial and technical roof observation and documentation services. As a building owner, property manager, architect, construction manager, general contractor or roofing contractor, you will receive clear and accurate reports comparing the actual roof installation to the specifications and manufacturer details.

Our roof lifecycle analysis is designed to present a snapshot of your roofing portfolio along with budgets for immediate and long-term repair and/or replacement. As an independent company, the results of our services are not influenced by or business development for any roofing manufacturers, roofing contractors or roof consulting firms. This allows Elevation to provide analysis you can trust. In addition to our comprehensive roof lifecycle analysis, we also specialize in insulation for cavity walls UK. Furthermore, we collaborate with experienced aluminium window installers to enhance your overall building efficiency. And also, we offer services in curtain walling installers UK. You can check out these resources for more information. This ensures that your building’s energy efficiency is optimized while maintaining structural integrity. Additionally, we offer expert solutions for moveable walls, providing flexible and adaptable space management.  If you’re in need of AC repair services, we can also assist with that. Furthermore, we excel in the installation of Floating Cabinet for modern and efficient storage solutions.

Roof observation services have been performed for the Army Corps of Engineers, Ohio Department of Transportation, First Energy Nuclear Operations Company, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Baldwin-Wallace College. Lifecycle analysis and roof asset management clients include First Energy locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania and Inland Property Management Company shopping centers in Washington, California, Colorado and Texas.

Prior to establishing Elevation, Adam Tomlinson RRO, CSI spent several years learning the roofing industry as a product manager providing technical support and specification engineering calculations for over 200 sales reps for national roofing manufacturer. These duties included custom details for metal standing seam, wall panels, edge metal and flat roofing, conducting training sessions for architects and roofer throughout the United States and Canada. During this time, Mr. Tomlinson worked on over 3,000 projects performing a range of duties including wind uplift, snow retention and fastening pattern calculations, witnessed ANSI-SPRI ES-1 and FM Uplift and Fire testing. He also helped select the type of roof system to install and created thousands of custom detail based on field information and conditions for projects in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and Africa.